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Hi, I'm Katie...

Your coach for all things self-love, sexuality and empowerment

I was convinced that I was ‘broken’ and unworthy of healthy relationships as I was disconnected from my family, struggled to hold onto friendships and always seemed to date people who dumped me after a few weeks or months. I felt so alone and perpetually disappointed in myself for being unable to have what everybody had in their lives.  


I had already tried so many different healing modalities and teachers but I still felt broken. Then in 2019 I hit a rock bottom after a break up and I started taking my healing journey seriously. After trying traditional routes such as therapy and meditation retreats and not having much success, I found the transformative tools that changed my life and that now lovingly teach my clients.


I began to heal my insecure attachment style and began doing deep inner-child and shadow work to recalibrate my nervous system so I could feel more confident, love all parts of myself and thrive. After completing a 9-month trauma-informed training with Mastin Kipp, I then studied with renowned tantric coach Layla Martin in her two-year intensive certification program to become a VITA Coach to guide others through the work of becoming their own best friend and lover first. To support others in their own self-love journeys I changed my career path to teach these tools that revolutionized the relationship with myself.


Through these programs, I have been trained to be trauma-informed and have participated in additional inclusivity training as I want you to feel completely safe in my professional hands during our time together. 

Dreams and desires are the compasses of our souls. By understanding and harnessing them, we can navigate towards a life that aligns with our deepest passions. Whether you're seeking romantic adventures or transformative personal growth, we have the tools to guide your journey
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