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Hi, I'm Katie...

Your coach for all things lovesex & relationships

My healing journey began whilst living in Australia and hitting a rock bottom after another failed ‘situationship’. I was convinced that I was ‘broken’ and unworthy of a healthy relationship due to how my life was panning out. I felt so alone and perpetually disappointed in myself for being unable to maintain healthy relationships. I was confused why it kept happening and angry at the world due to my internal pain. 

My healing journey was long and I had so many doubts along the way until I found the transformative tools that I now lovingly share with my clients in my sessions.


I changed my career path to teach these tools that have transformed my life and healed my relationship with myself. Leaning into my anxious and avoidant tendencies, nourishing my inner-child and recalibrating my nervous system to choose healthy, loving relationships. After completing a 9-month trauma-informed training, I then studied with renowned tantric coach Layla Martin in her two-year intensive certification program to become a VITA Sex, Love, and Relationship coach to guide others through the work.


Through these programs, I have been trained to be trauma-informed and have participated in additional inclusivity training as I want you to feel completely safe in my professional hands during our time together. 

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