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Are you ready to change your life?

A trauma-informed, psychosomatic-based approach to Self-
Love & Holistic Sexuality Coaching, based on ancient Tantric
philosophy, modern neuroscience, and the wisdom of your
subconscious mind.


Because you deserve the life, love and sex you deeply desire.



Does this sound familiar?

- You hear everyone say ‘love yourself’ but aren’t really sure how. 

- You’ve noticed recurring patterns and behaviors in yourself or your relationships which

leaves you feeling uncomfortable, resentful or agitated and want to move past them once and for all.


-You feel tired, bored or a bit stuck in your current dating life or relationship. 


-You’re feeling disconnected from your body and are critical of your body more than loving

and celebratory.


-You’re manifesting the soul-shaking relationships and friendships but they’re not showing up and

it feels frustrating and lonely. 


-You feel overwhelmed when you feel heavier emotions like sadness, anger or grief and tend to cope

with them through overeating, substance use, smoking, alcohol or casual sex. 


-You lack trust in others.


-Your sexuality, aliveness and joy are only activated when being intimate with a date or partner. 

You know that you can experience so much more pleasure in life and love, but you're not sure how.



My love, it is possible to fall so in love with yourself and have

the love, sex and relationships you came to this planet for.  
































What to expect...

I have been studying self-development for a decade and have the knowledge, experience and skills to hold you through
whatever you are experiencing in life. Whether you are looking to deepen your love for yourself, attract beautiful
relationships (romantic/platonic etc), or lust over life a little more, I am here for you. I offer single sessions and a range of
packages tailor-made to your desired level of support, guiding you to step into your most empowered, magickal, and aligned
self to magnetize the life and love that you really reeeeeeaally want!


As a certified VITA™ Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach specializing in Conscious Dating and Female Sexuality, you will receive

exclusive, customized sessions to encourage your exploration and embodiment of all that you want to have and feel. 

Get ready to be lovingly pushed beyond your limiting beliefs, to heal your trauma in a deep yet laughter-filled sacred space,

and cheered on as you reach your full potential. 


Heather, Canada


Just imagine...

Your shadows, emotions and parts you yearn ‘to get rid of’ become your allies

Your sexuality and sensuality feel like an extension of your truth, instead of just

something to exchange for love, affection, or validation

You no longer tolerate anything less than love in your life; situationships and toxic relationships  are a thing of the past. 

You feel confident and grounded being fully yourself when dating or in relationships

You have the tools & self-trust to tap into your confidence and unique expression

You regularly discover new ways to experience pleasure in your own body


You unapologetically claim your desires and express your boundaries & needs


You wake up feeling inspired, creative, and connected to your purpose in life


Through connecting with your deepest truth you invite deep, soulful relationships and friendships into your life. 

"I felt seen and deeply understood. Thank you for the amazing session! I have felt inspired, and also used the practices suggested daily and it has made me feel calmer in my day to day life. I have had better interactions with people day to day. Your energy is so inspiring to see mindfulness and being grounded as an ongoing process, and the need to show up for myself to receive this. Thank you, Katie!"
" I received such honest, sincere, genuine holding. I felt so deeply cared for, seen and heard. You are a great coach; unique, intelligent and powerful. It's been such an honour to be coached by you, Katie. Thank you from the bottom of my heart"
Masha, Russia

Tools used in sessions include:

Emotional release and alchemy tools

Gentle trauma integration

Shadow Work

Limiting beliefs and mindset work 

Sensual embodiment practices

Yoni Egg and Dearmoring rituals

Energy Healing

Inner Child work


& much more!

Image by Nick Fewings

Ways to work together...

Partial scholarships are available for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ folks in all of my work, click application available on desktop view of this page (not mobile)




Single VIP Intensive $333

(1 x 60-90 minute intensive session) 

Book instantly via desktop site


4 session package  $999 

Take your journey deeper with this bundle of 4 x Live 60-90 minute coaching calls to be used within a 6 week period.

Payment plan available.

Book instantly via desktop site.

10 session package  $2999

Application instantly available when website is viewed on a desktop or laptop.

x 10 Live coaching calls

x 2 Integration weeks

Personalized Welcome Guide

Optional voice/text message support

Life-time access to tools, practices and meditations from sessions.

Payment plan available.

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