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Guiding you to deepen your self-love, reignite your sexuality and attract the relationships you desire. 

Online Coaching with Katie Louise

Meet Katie 

Certified Holistic Sex, Love and Relationship Coach

On paper I had the best life, I had been teaching English and traveling the world for years, however, the only long-term partnerships I had been in were unhealthy. I normalized what I was going through, however, I just could not get my head around why the same pattern of emotionally unavailable people was coming into my life and then would inevitably leave me.


I would crave the next person to fill the empty spaces in my life as I was terrified of abandonment and desperately seeking external validation through serially dating, picking up strangers from dating apps or dancefloors, and using sex to hook people in. I was so disconnected from my inner feminine, constantly miserable and totally distrustful of the masculine.


A friend recommended Katie to me and after our discovery session, I knew that this is what I had been looking for. 

At first I was resistant to this type of work as I had never really explored it before. Katie was so kind, compassionate and held so much space for me that I opened up so much over the course of our time together. 

She helped me to dive back into my body to find the source of why I had particular feelings or limiting beliefs. 

I set a list of desires during our first few sessions and throughout those weeks they all started to come into fruition.

It was transformative to see that I have all of this within me, something I have been constantly searching for outside of myself. 

I am eternally grateful for Katie and the work she is doing, everyone should know and practice the work of embodiment as it is truly life changing.

I had always wanted to discover more about my beliefs and spirituality and Katie held so much space for me to do so. 

I have walked away from this experience more aware of my body, more accepting of everyday feelings that flow through it, more trust in myself than ever before and a new lease of excitement for the life I can create for myself.

-Megan, Ireland

In the last three months I felt deeply seen, more than any other professional I did individual work with. This healing and deeply nourishing work has created space for profound transformation. Katie's joyful and spicy personality which merge so well together with the depth of the work she offers brings such lightness to such deep inner work. Thank you, Katie. I feel so blessed for the work we have done together. 

- Jharna, Italy

Katie has an innate ability to meet you where you are. Her direct, loving approach helped me move through my blockages in a super effective way. We also had some laughter; I'd recommend Katie's expertise any time. 

-Chloe, The UK

I’d like to take a moment to celebrate Katie and the work she is doing, because she's set so many things (back) in motion for me. Katie has this warm and welcoming energy that makes the space to share and reconnect to my body feel very safe and empowering. Katie is knowledgable and the guided bodywork she did with me has opened up parts in me that I felt I was no longer connected to, as if it was there all along but she gave me the tools to reconnect with them.

Keep doing your beautiful work!

- Maartje, The Netherlands

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Are you ready to embody your most empowered, aligned self and magnetise soulmate-level love? 

More Client Testimonials

Mike, Israel

Katie has helped me with issues I experienced dating women and a lot was revealed. This has been a super interesting and eye-opening experience for me- anybody receiving Katie's caring treatment is  very lucky!

Parris, The US

Katie, you are a brilliant guide. You always held a beautiful container for our sessions and provided clear reflections and co-created homework tasks for me to continue to integrate the week's work I feel more connected and rooted to my authentic expression as well as able to communicate with my body sensations in real time 

Melanie, The UK

I feel so much more open to a deeper way of developing myself in a way that feels authentic and grounded. I highly recommend Katie!

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